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What to Expect

We’re Excited to Bring Fiber to You

At Pioneer Connect, our mission is to ensure rural communities have the internet service they need today with internet speeds of tomorrow. While we wish it was quick and easy, building a brand-new network that covers over 1,300 sq. miles takes time and won’t happen overnight. Upgrading our network requires significant labor and resources. We promise, your fiber optic service will be worth the wait, and we appreciate your patience as we work to bring fiber to you.

By joining the Fiber Force and registering your address, you are expressing your interest in having a better internet solution. It’s that simple! Tell your friends, neighbors and family…the more supporters in your area may help us determine where we bring fiber next.

Ready to join the Fiber Force and be among the first in your neighborhood to have access to the fastest and most reliable internet service available? Show your interest TODAY!

Here is what you can expect, as we work to build the Fiber Force in your area!

Do you want to bring fiber to your neighborhood? Great! This phase of the project only requires you to provide basic information to Pioneer to show that you are interested in having fiber in your neighborhood. You can fill out the interest form here. Please note, showing your interest does not mean that you are entering into a contract or committing to services. Go ahead, tell us today that you are ready to join the Fiber Force!


Your neighborhood is getting fiber; how exciting! In this phase of the project, our team of engineers and surveyors will visit your neighborhood to develop a plan-of-action for our construction team. This phase can vary in length — weeks or months — as we work to finalize diagrams, prepare maps, and evaluate all of the project’s specs, ensuring we can bring fiber to you in the most efficient, safe, and timely manner possible!


Time to roll out the fiber. This phase gets us one step closer to the end of the fiber process in your neighborhood. This is when our construction crew will come to your home/business with the equipment needed to place the fiber in the ground and connect it to your home/business.

Prior to any work being done at your home or business, you will be contacted by a member of our team to go over the fiber placement and detail the process of connecting fiber to your home or business. Our team will install a termination point on the outside of the home, which is necessary so that the fiber underground can be transitioned to the existing wiring that is used within your home/business. Pioneer will have a “locate” done at your home or business to mark out underground utilities so that the installation can go as smoothly as possible.

Please note that the “locate” will NOT be marking out underground items that were installed by you or a previous homeowner. Examples would be sprinkler systems, security systems, wells, septic, any private buried structures etc. Before we begin, we will discuss with you the possibility of any unforeseen obstacles.


Welcome to the Pioneer Fiber Force! The construction is complete, and it’s time for one of Pioneer Connect’s professional technicians to install your fiber services bringing you internet speeds up to 1 GIG. One of Pioneer’s local customer service team members will contact you to schedule your fiber installation. Inside your home, we will install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), a power supply, and Premium Wi-Fi subscribers will receive a dual-band wireless internet router to provide powerful Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home/business. During installation, the technician will make sure everything is running correctly and educate you on the new resources that fiber has made available to your home!

If you still have not shown your interest in fiber internet, it’s not too late! Click here, and complete the information to get Fiber to your home!

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Our Plan for Future Fiber Expansion

Serving more than 1,300 square miles, Pioneer Connect has always pushed the boundaries to provide high-speed internet and reliable phone services whether you live in town or in a rural setting. Pioneer Connect is dedicating significant funds to fiber scoping, planning and construction in the coming years. While it will be a multi-year process, we’re thrilled to bring our members and neighbors next-generation speeds. Submit your information above to keep up with our fiber expansion.