Building a network for the future–together



For over 70 years, Pioneer Connect has proudly supported the community of Waldport. We are excited to announce a recently awarded Lincoln County Economic Development grant, as part of a broadband initiative. This is an incredible opportunity for Waldport and the Port of Alsea to build a Fiber network prepared for the future of connectivity, and a world of possibility. Such powerful technology will enable a live-streaming camera to be placed at the Port of Alsea. This will help drive tourism, boost community engagement, and showcase the new docks. In turn, driving economics for residents and business owners in both the City and the Port. 

We are committed to our community, promising to deliver consistent, and reliable local service at an affordable price. Our desire is to help the community thrive, retaining the characteristics that define your area, all while enabling the next generation of Internet. Pioneer Connect is appreciative of the support, and partnerships with City of Waldport and Port of Alsea.

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