We’re looking forward to getting you connected to our fiber network!

According to a Fiber Broadband Association study, bringing fiber to your home/business can increase your property value (3.1%). This fiber investment prepares our communities for the future of technology.

Please fill out the form below to authorize a Fiber Drop to your home/business. After submitting, a DocuSign form will be sent to the property owner’s email address within 2-3 business days.

Please sign and submit at your earliest convenience.

Fiber Construction Authorization Form

Authorization for Pioneer Connect to install a fiber drop to my home/business.

I certify that I am the property owner of the address(s) listed below.  I authorize Pioneer Connect and/or its contractors to install a fiber drop to my home/business. I understand that prior to any work being done, a member of the Pioneer Connect Team and/or its contractors will meet with me either on location or through a virtual meeting to discuss the project on such property.

I understand this is not a commitment to sign up for service, nor guaranteeing a timeline for connectivity, only an authorization for the fiber drop to be placed on my property.

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Our Plan for Future Fiber Expansion

Serving more than 1,300 square miles, Pioneer Connect has always pushed the boundaries to provide high-speed internet and reliable phone services whether you live in town or in a rural setting. Pioneer Connect is dedicating significant funds to fiber scoping, planning and construction in the coming years. While it will be a multi-year process, we’re thrilled to bring our members and neighbors next-generation speeds. Submit your information above to keep up with our fiber expansion.