We want to bring Fiber Internet to your area,
but we need your help ASAP!


We’re in the process of submitting grant applications to bring Fiber to the communities we serve and we need your help and involvement for a successful application. The information we’re requesting is needed no later than February 12, 2022.

Would you be willing to call Alyrica (541-929-3330) and inquire about getting service at your home and share that information with Pioneer Connect? We need to know if they can provide service to your address, and if they can, what are the fastest speeds you can get – both upstream and down. Their website says that they have 100 Mbps downstream, but they do not advertise the upstream. The upstream speeds are an important piece to add to the grant application.

If you would be so kind, please call Alyrica and document the outcome of the conversation. We have prepared the form below to help capture the information needed. Please include any other relevant information that the representative shares that would demonstrate they cannot provide service at these speeds (or anything else that would be helpful for Pioneer Connect).

We are asking you to gather this information as a “secret shopper,” so please do not mention Pioneer. This will ensure the information you gather is accurate for our grant application.

If you have friends and neighbors in the area who would be willing to do the same, it would be very helpful. The “what’s-in-it-for-me” is that we may be able to bring fiber to their home with Internet speeds up to 1 GIG sooner rather than later!

Thank you for your time and help.

– Pioneer Team

The information you provide will not be sold to any third party and is only being used to help Pioneer Connect with grant opportunities to bring Fiber-to-the-Home to areas that Pioneer Connect serves.

Alyrica Questionnaire
Your Information
Alyrica Service Inquiry 

Call Alyrica at 541-929-3330

Can you get Alyrica internet at your location?
Are these speeds guaranteed or not?
Did they only provide a range of what the speeds would be if they conducted a site visit?

What is the range they quoted?

Does Weather or Trees Affect the Speed?
Did they require an installation visit to tell you what speeds you can get?
Did you have them do an installation visit?